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Western Turf Wars
The Politics of Public Lands Ranching

(Note that the link from an individual’s name takes the user to a webpage containing a video from the interview, the full transcript of which appears in the book.)






Part I: Governmental Personnel

Douglas K. Barber(USFS) district ranger, deputy forest supervisor,
                                     assistant regional engineer

Clait E. Braun(CDOW) program manager, researcher

Leon Fager(USFS) wildlife biologist, regional fisheries biologist,
                        wildlife program manager

Renee Galeano-Popp(USFS) range conservationist, regional botanist,
                                          program manager

Steve Gallizioli(ADGF) chief of wildlife management

David Gilman(USFS) soil scientist

Martha Hahn(BLM) associate state director, state director

David A. Koehler—(USFS) range conservationist, (BLM) supervisory range
                               conservationist, resource area manager, range ecologist

Don Oman(USFS) district ranger, ecosystems staff officer

Robert W. Phillips(ODFW) assistant chief (basin investigations);
                                   (USFS) regional fisheries biologist, program planner

Jim Prunty(USFS) fire management officer

Doug Troutman(NPS) ranger; (BLM) wilderness ranger, wilderness specialist,
                                disabled access coordinator

Larry Walker(BLM) range conservationist

Pat Ward—(USFS) wildlife biologist (research)

Bill Worf(USFS) assistant ranger, regional staff, forest supervisor, regional director

Part II: Nongovernmental Conservationists

Joy Belsky (1945–2001)—grassland ecologist at ONRC and ONDA
    Robert AmundsonJoy Belsky's husband
    Jonathan Gelbard—(Conservation Value) co-founder/executive director
    Bill Marlett—(ONDA) executive director

Patrick Diehl(Escalante Wilderness Project) co-founder

Julian Hatch(Boulder Regional Group) director

Steven G. Herman(The Evergreen State College) faculty

Steve Johnson(Defenders of Wildlife) southwestern field representative

Ralph Maughan(Wolf Recovery Foundation) president

Bobbi Royle(Wild Horse Spirit Sanctuary) co-founder

Mike Sauber(Gila Watch) co-founder

Todd Shuman(Sierra Club) volunteer

Charmaine White Face(Defenders of the Black Hills) coordinator





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